Some new emerging reports suggest that Apple’s new phones are going to ship with LG Displays, as LG is the second maker of flexible OLD displays, according to Korean tech news site ETNews. News of Apple using LG as a possible alternative OLED screen supplier sprung up in June, and today’s news cites unidentified sources that claim LG’s OLED panels had passed Apple’s quality tests recently.

Up till now, All of the OLED screens of every iPhone was made by Samsung only since the iPhone X was introduced in 2017. Samsung, which allowed to produce around 100 million OLED displays in the original deal, had held a monopoly, which enabled the company to control pricing. If LG enters the picture as a second supplier, it could minimize Apple’s dependence on Samsung.

If the settlement moves ahead, the LG Display OLED screens will most probably be used for the iPhone XS and XS Max, the only iPhones that use OLED screens. They won’t be used for the affordable iPhone XR, which was also announced on with XS and XS max, because it uses an LCD screen.

Although it was announced in April that LG couldn’t meet Apple’s demands for OLED displays, the new quality tests appear to have checked all doubts Apple had about the partnership. The ETNews source also reports that LG is now preparing up for mass production at its new OLED manufacturing plant, so LG displays may be closer than we think.