ARCTIC just revealed its newest members of the passive cooler family, the Alpine AM4 Passive and the Alpine 12 Passive. Both these coolers are ready to ship and available for purchase starting at $12.99 at Amazon. These coolers offer support for the AMD AM4 and the 115X Intel platforms.

Alpine Passive 12

What is Passive Cooling?

ARCTIC aims to provide high-end cooling performance in their passive coolers that have a fanless and silent operation. Passive cooling makes sure that there is as less ambient noise from the cooler’s operation so that the sound doesn’t disrupt workspace silence without any compromise on cooling performance of the CPU. The black anodization of the aluminium heat sinc is not just for the aesthetics but also for improved cooling performance.

Black Anodization

The image above is a demonstration of the heat dissipation after the black anodization of the cooler’s heat sinc. This ensures high-quality cooling performance while operating passively. The cooler comes pre-applied with ARCTIC MX-2 to help facilitate a clean installation process.

Specifications :