QFHD or 4k displays were the dreams of the enthusiasts of the Pc Master Race just a while ago, and now 4k seems to be the fashion these days with new and improved 4k displays coming in from various brands, it was just a matter of time, we already saw the improvements in technology are soon going to come up with a 144hz 4K panel.

Last weeks Acer started taking orders for their first 4K HDR 144Hz G-Sync monitor, and now Taiwanese compatriot Asus dived right into the 4K 144Hz bandwagon and has a product offering that same enticing combination of specs. The all mighty PG27UQ is another 27-inch IPS panel, and Asus says it’s the first monitor to offer Display-HDR 1000 certification, though Acer’s Predator X27 also goes up to 1,000 nits.

Until now, PC Master Race’s members have had to choose between resolution or refresh rate when picking a gaming monitor. It’s questionable how many people have rigs that are actually capable of pushing 4K resolution at super-high frame rates, and HDR support on PC is still extremely spotty, but bleeding-edge pixels with ultrasonic refresh rates will make the dream come true for the true enthusiasts.

It comes at a very high and exceptional price, of course — like the Predator X27, the PG27UQ will set you back $1,999.99. Over at Asus, the screen is expected to be available in late June, meaning it’ll ship almost 18 months after the company first announced it.