ASUS had announced in Mid 2018 that it would be releasing a new line of closed-loop CPU coolers in 240mm and 360mm variants named the ROG Ryujin in collaboration with Noctua. At first the AIOs would be coolers designed for AMD’s Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper processors, however, they will be having extended support for Intel Sockets too from now on. ASUS has diversified its top of the line AIO lineup and included extended compatibility including :


ROG Ryujin

ROG ryujin


ASUS teamed up with Asetek and Noctua to bring a truly enthusiast-grade AIO cooling solution. Both the coolers feature Noctua’s industrial-grade iPPC-2000 PWM fans that are known for their top-notch cooling performance. ASUS has taken personalization a step further with addressable LED lighting and attached a 1.77″ OLED screen to the water-block adding a whole new level of customization. The OLED screen supports a 160 x 128 resolution and JPG and GIF image formats. The tubing is sleeved and reinforced for maximum durability ensuring that this AIO doesn’t compromise on the performance, aesthetics, or the safety of your PC build and your valuable hardware. The Ryujin is available in 240mm and 360mm radiator variants.

ROG Ryuo

ROG Ryuo


The ROG Ryuo is the younger brother of the Ryujun lineup and aimed mid to small form factor builds in 240mm and 120mm radiator variants at an affordable price tag. It has an aluminum circular pump cover to maintain a rather traditional look while keeping the features that make the Ryujin so great, the same.

ASUS and its first AIOs bring together the cooling performance of Asetek and Noctua with the aesthetic appeal ROG products have to one package. The Ryuo and Ryujin make sure that the buyer doesn’t have to compromise on any aspect whether it be customization, aesthetics or even performance. Extensive support and features like Aura Sync lighting and LiveDash display are what make these AIO a true enthusiast-grade cooling solution.