Lo and behold the long awaited successor of the original Gladius mouse; ASUS ROG Gladius II is finally here to steal the show. A well-equipped successor of the Gladius which was released in 2014. Gladius II sports a new sensor, hot-swappable Omron switches and ASUS Aura lighting, a well throughout successor for the battle at hand.

We have previously reviewed ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse and ROG Claymore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and both peripherals from ASUS ROG are great. We root for Claymore as its one of our favorite and Pugio has won Innovation award. We hope that Gladius II will slay in all aspects.

With the $77.30 on Amazon & 7400 PKR at Ease Tec for Pakistan price tags, will Gladius II become our new favorite? Let’s dig into that more.

Pricing, look and feature set of Gladius II make it a perfect combat opponent for Razer’s Death Adder Elite, it would be very interesting to pitch these two against each other. Stay with us for the review, where we will in detail discuss Gladius II in terms of performance, build quality and features.


Weight110 g without cable
DimensionsL 126 x W 67 x H 45 mm
ResolutionMax 12000 DPI
Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Package Contents1x mouse, 1x ROG pouch, 1x ROG accessory case, 2x Omron replacement switches, 2x USB Cables (1x braided – 2 meter & 1x rubber – 1 meter) and a User manual.


The ASUS ROG Gladius II comes in an all familiar ROG design box, with ASUS and ROG logos displayed on it. Also, a product photo displaying the slayer, Gladius II is also visible on the front. Rest of the sides of the box feature some specifications and instructions about the product, again, coupled with some product images and logo of the company.

The box contains a manual and a carry pouch, which again is quite useful if you like to travel with your mice, say for a LAN party or so. The package also includes two USB cables, one of which is 2 meter long and braided while the second one is standard rubber cable with 1 meter length. Having two options for USB cables is actually a cool plus in Gladius II’s score chart.

Much more interesting are the two extra Omron switches, which again is a stroke of blessing for gamers, as now we can change-out the mouse’s switches as we please.

Our first gaze at the mouse instantly registers the fact that the mouse is ergonomic FPS gaming mouse. Very similar to Razer Death Adder Elite. Also the mouse might seem but isn’t ambidextrous at all, and is solely designed for right-handers.


The mouse itself is a work of art, beautifully crafted, carries three lighting zones, one of which is at the bottom of the mouse, sporting the ROG logo.

Gladius II

On the left side of the mouse we have forward and back buttons accompanying the DPI button. The DPI button can be used to lower or raise the DPI for as long as you keep the button pressed. We again find the all-time favorite Mayan design on other ASUS ROG products, surrounding these buttons on a rubber grip base. The right side of the mouse doesn’t have a lot going on it, with just a rubber pad for your fourth finger grip.

Scroll wheel at the front of the mouse is the second RGB lighting zone of Gladius II. Sporting the same Mayan detailed design rubber. Right behind this we see a simple DPI button, moreover the front of the mouse carries a small cutout which is where the USB cables plug-in to the mouse.

The third and final RGB lighting zone on Gladius II is a LED strip that runs around the exterior of the mouse, spiraling the product. These LEDs create an under glow effect when the mouse is plugged in.

Next come the Omron switches, with Gladius II comes with two extra Omron switches which are easy to install. Feel free to change switches once the originals have worn out, or you just want to try the new pair, after all why not?Gladius II

Another cool part of the deal is the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor. This sensor in itself has made its name known in the community all thanks to its precise tracking and efficiency.


Lets dive into the ROG Armoury software.

As you can see in these screenshots, the options available in the software are pretty fulfilling and at the same time quite modest. The software is very good and gives you full command over its key features like button assignment, DPI stages selection and the cherry on-top the RGB lighting. However there are only two DPI stages per profile, disappointing right?

The software also lacks some go to information like movement heat-maps, mouse clicks and distance traveled stats, all these features are integrated in Razer Synapse. Yet again ROG takes the cake when it comes to lighting features and options available in Armoury software. The lighting option in Armoury are more diverse and expandable when compared to comprehensive package that Razer Synapse offers. So we still wait for the best of both worlds.

Establishing that as a fact, Gladius II again scores with its ability to work with Aura Sync, which lets you to sync all of your ASUS and ROG products’ lighting in completely mesmerizing manner. Kudos to ROG for this. One thing ASUS need to work out is, If I sync one peripheral in Aura Sync, Armoury will not work at all even for other devices, Hopefully ASUS will work out on this in next releases.

Light Effects:


When it comes to the quality RGB lighting, Gladius II comes off as a star of the show. The colors are clear and accurate plus uniquely vibrant. The best part of the lighting features is the Gladius II’s under glow effect. It looks amazing and beautifully lights up the desk. One of my favorite features of Gladius II, I really hope to see this in future products too.


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We have many lighting effects in Gladius II to choose from. The effects include breathing, spectrum cycling and rainbow wave are just to name few. The colors of the lights look radiant and cool for a gaming gadget. The light coverage is well thought about in the entire mouse, ROG logo, scroll wheel and the spiraling strip on the bottom of mouse.


So now we begin the fun part, for me at least. I love grueling gadgets to test their durability and overall charisma. I made Gladius II my go to mouse for everyday and every task I perform daily for three weeks straight. I gamed, edited photos and used it generally for everything.

A little spoiler; Gladius II nailed it in terms of performance. More on that later.

The mouse grip is out of this world, the comfort that Gladius II offers is amazing. It totally ticks my boxes in comfort department. The claw support with Gladius II is very well engineered to say the least. As well as the contoured mouse buttons are a show stealer.

The placement of snipper button on the mouse is also very ingenious, I found using the button quite easy. However if it bugs you, you can always disable it using Armoury software.

Now it brings me down to DPI stages of Gladius II. This is where I felt the mouse was a bit modest. Having only two DPI stages is frustrating when you are using to game and all other tasks. Not that big a letdown, but still a considerable gap in terms of performance.

Gladius II

The tracking of Gladius II turned out to be awesome as far as I am concerned. Again I want to repeat that I used the mouse for every task other than gaming, and Gladius II passed the tracking exams with flying colors. All thanks to Pixart PMW 3360 sensor. The mere option of reaching 12000 DPI is a class that speaks for Gladius in itself.


The package of ASUS ROG Gladius II is one I would trust exclusively. I know what gaming mice are and to be honest, Gladius II ticked most if not all performance boxes in my eyes.

The mouse is well thought out and cleverly designed with an ergonomic shape which makes it great for both palm and claw grips. I would also mention the weight of the mouse which is perfect for me, on the other hand Omron switches included in the package are a nice something extra in the deal.

The Gladius II no doubt offers one of the best lighting features out there in the market. I would go as far as to say that in some ways the RGB lighting has positioned Gladius II on a leading front in terms of class and exclusiveness. Moreover the under glow feature is just amazingly stunning. (Yes, I love it that much).

Gladius II


Not to forget that Gladius II faces a tough competition against Razer Death Adder Elite. The one front where Razer is taking the lead is its software, Razer Synapse. Not to dismiss the effectiveness of ROG Armoury which is still a decent piece of software, however I feel Razer Synapse is a bit more advanced and supports higher levels of options.

So at the end I would like to stress that at this price Gladius II by ASUS and ROG is one of the most ideal deals out there, just coming short of its competitor only in the software department but outperforming in the lighting game.

You can buy this at Amazon for $77.30 & Ease Tec for 7400 PKR for Pakistani users. Its a premium price  for premium product. With this hefty price tag, You might be able to get gaming mouse from among other gaming mice out there. But do they come with great performance, Build quality & Amazing light effects?.  Its your choice to get the best mouse you like for gaming.

So overall I would recommend Gladius II as a must have if you are into great lighting features or the ability to sync it with all of your other ASUS and ROG devices through Aura Sync.