ASUS ROG Strix Flare is the newest inclusion in the ROG line of mechanical gaming keyboards. The ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanical gaming keyboard features Cherry MX switches, a customizable illuminated badge and dedicated media keys for gaming and multimedia playback. Some of the notable specifications of the keyboard are :


1. Genuine Cherry MX RGB Switches :

Switch types

The keyboard features genuine cherry MX RGB switches which keyboard-enthusiasts have grown to love over the years. The keyboard is available in Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, Black, Speed Silver, and Silent Red switch types.

2. Customizable illuminated badge :

ASUS takes customization and personalization to a whole new level by including an acrylic blank sheet. This Acrylic badge can be modified and printed on to truly customize the look of your keyboard.

3. Dedicated media keys :

Unlike most keyboards, the ROG Strix Flare has its media keys towards the top left of the keyboard which makes these more accessible and rather practical to use.

4. Detachable wrist rest and USB passthrough :

Detachable wrist rest

With most high-end keyboards a user expects to find high-quality wrist rests and gives the user the choice of whether he wants to use it or not. Detaching the wrist rest does not compromise on the aesthetics of the keyboard in any way and it looks just as good without the wrist rest as it does with it. It’s always nice to have an additional USB passthrough in your keyboard which you can use for a peripheral or a flash drive on the go. These two features combined make an exceptional case to define whether this keyboard can be called a true choice for gamers and with the features it provides, the Strix Flare has sure made a strong case without compromise.

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