Previously, We reviewed ASUS ROG’s top of the line Claymore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and to be honest its one of the best keyboard out there in market. And today we are taking a look at the ASUS ROG Strix Impact Gaming Mouse sent by ASUS Pakistan.

First of all, we would like to thank ASUS Pakistan for sending us the review sample. And without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase and dive straight into the review!

I have been testing ASUS Strix Impact Gaming Mouse for quite some time now, and I am very much excited to share our final verdict. However, taking a quick look at the ASUS Strix Impact Gaming Mouse, it resembles most of the current basic gaming mice but does have some amazing features.

The main feature of this mouse is the lightening, which is great but does has some issues, which I will discuss soon. Moreover, the main attraction of the deal is the price, which is quite reasonable compared to alternatives available on the market.

I’ll break it down for you guys right here: the specs, looks, and performance, also whether should you invest in it or not. If you are considering buying it, stick around and I’ll give you my final verdict in the end.

Before we dive into that, a little information about the ASUS. Most of you must have heard of the brand ASUS, they have been in the computer hardware business for almost three decades now. Republic of Gamers ROG is a sub-brand for ASUS that produces gaming oriented components and hardware. ROG has established itself in the global market and continues to grow steadily.


ASUS came along with ROG Strix Impact Gaming Mouse recently, a lightweight gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design especially for gamers that are looking for a mouse for claw grip. The ASUS ROG Strix Impact comes in a colorful box, with the Strix logo being very prominent on the front, also nothing unusual about the packaging but overall a good feel of the product is all tailored into it.

On the front of the box, we can see a picture of the mouse in all its glory, along with the ROG and ASUS logos. The name of the mouse is also written on this side, all very crafty.

On the flipside of the box, we again have ROG logo and the name of the mouse followed by some features of the mouse written on it, like a clickable scroll wheel, DPI switch, and indicator. What is more, connectivity, responsiveness, and tracking specs are also mentioned on this side.

Top of the box has the ASUS and ROG logo again with the name of the product while the bottom part of the box carries disclaimers, instructions, precautions, and warnings about handling the product.

Both of the narrow sides boast features and their pictures, such as RGB lighting, DPI button and Omron switches along with the ROG logo.

The package overall seems promising but what is inside matters the most. The package doesn’t contain too many things, talk about a modest deal. 1x Strix Impact, 2x ROG logo stickers and user documentation constitute the box contents.

Closer Look:

Let’s dive into the main thing already. The main product (mouse) comes in a detachable tray of its own, totally enjoying the instant attention of the buyer when the box is opened. The complementing color of the tray enhances the user focus on the mouse, which is what we want, right?


Drum-rolls, now we discuss the product itself, ROG Strix Impact. I personally root for the overall appearance of my gadgets and willing to spend a little more if something comes with the right look.

ROG almost always tick these checkboxes for me. In this case, however, I am concerned about the fact that the cool lighting feature comes under the grip of the hand while in use, which renders it almost useless.

The lower (bottom) part of the mouse boasts the ROG logo, and it is this logo which functions as the only RGB lighting zone on the mouse. At the front of the Impact, we find the scroll wheel as well as a single DPI cycle button. The placement of this button is worthwhile to gamers, making the accessibility to it easier. I personally felt quite comfortable with using the DPI button.

The mouse is quite plain indeed; with no side buttons at all, which is quite odd for a gaming mouse, but again while testing I concurred that having side buttons on asymmetrical (as it is ambidextrous) mouse will trouble the user as their fourth finger will be touching it. However, I use side buttons all the while, even for browsing websites and stuff. It comes as a bit of oversight, especially when we look at the price of the product.

Also, the sheer size of the mouse is unusually small as opposed to the normal gaming mouse which are bigger in size, thus easier to grab and maneuver. There is a little bit of rubber grip on the rear sides, featuring the Mayan design that seems to be ASUS’ favorite nowadays. The Mayan pattern can also be seen on the scroll wheel.

The Omron switches rated with 50 million clicks are on both left and right mouse buttons. Clicking both buttons feels little tacky, Maybe that’s me only.

The mouse is for ambidextrous users, so as can be held by both left and the right hand. This brings us to the symmetrical shape of the mouse that also means the mouse is thinner than usual. The mouse is also lightweight which is again great for flicking around, but if you like something with a bit more weight, this isn’t your deal than.

Taking a look at the Impact’s underside, we see 3 Teflon feet, while Pixart PMW 3310 sensor is also visible. However PMW 3310 has long since been replaced by a dapper 3360 when it comes to a gamers’ preference, but we also understand that was might be done to keep the costs down.


Finally, the cable is non-detachable and is made of rubber – it is not braided. The USB connector is gold-plated, though, the cable itself measures only 2m long.


Aura Sync EnabledYes
ConnectivityWired USB 2.0
SwitchesOmron D2FC-F-K (50M Clicks)
CableGold plated 2-meter rubber USB cable
SensorPixart PMW 3310 Optical
Max DPI5000DPI
DimensionsL115 x W62 x H39 mm
Weight112g with cable / 91g without cable
Package Content1 x mouse, 2 x ROG logo stickers, User documentation
Operating System SupportWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


Like every other ASUS products, the ASUS Armoury software comes with the ASUS ROG Strix Impact. The software works quite well and is indeed powerful, however using the software with Impact renders a lot of software features pointless. The impact only carries one extra button which is set to change DPI only. This results in a very limited scope of programming extra functions or for any customization of it.

Likewise, the lightening tab seems redundant as Impact comes with a very small lighting zone. It would only be beneficial if one wants to sync all their ASUS products working together and create a pretty uniform effect but still, it would have been nice to have more lighting zones on Impact to enjoy the feature really.

The only needed tab with this mouse is the performance tab. It is where you can nip all your settings to get your desired feel out of it. You can customize the DPI, acceleration, polling rate and more here.

User Experience & Conclusion:

As you might have figured out by now that we have felt a little flattened by the ASUS ROG Strix Impact. A very basic mouse with a sensor that works just fine and tracks well. Also an ambidextrous product with no side buttons and with only one RGB lighting zone. I also found Impact to be quite small which made my grip on it quite a task to worry about while gaming. It might suit people with smaller hands though.

The lighting feature is worth mentioning here, as the Impact supports ASUS’ Aura, which means you can sync lighting between ASUS and ROG devices. Though the only lighting zone is the ROG logo at the bottom of the mouse, which means it is covered by your hand while you use the mouse, there goes the already limited lighting we had with Impact.

The Impact is also very limited in terms of other features. Keeping in mind an ambidextrous mouse it is fine but many gamers will surely hit around the fact that it lacks side buttons and the ability to set multiple DPI stages.

To sum it up, I am not very keen on Impact as of now. However, if you want Impact so as to sync your other ASUS hardware via Aura Sync, then, in this case, this is currently the cheapest option with the ability to achieve that. Furthermore, if you are keen on its ambidextrous design than it remains as an option for you.

The Asus ROG Impact Gaming mouse is available for 3800rs PKR at the moment of the review at Easetec Pakistan: BUY here.

For our international customers its available at 46$ at Amazon: BUY here.