With 2019 kicking-in, three new prototypes have unveiled what the ZenFone 6 series might look like.

capture 3

Booting things off with possibly the most impressive prototype of all (which sits adjacent a ZenFone 5Z), it verifies that Samsung is not the only company operating on the idea of display holes – Asus has planted a small hole in the top-left edge of the display that is home to the front-facing camera. This is supplemented by very thin top and side bezels and a somewhat thicker chin down below. The smartphone also possesses a vertical camera setup on the rear and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Going over to the next model, it’s right to say that the overall appearance isn’t really as impressive. Nevertheless, it is still notably uncommon. Also, a fingerprint scanner can be observed beside the dual-camera layout over on the rear.

As all of these three devices are utterly prototypes, there’s no surety on any of the information we’ve provided today, the release dates are also unclear. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely interesting to see other companies striving on the display hole idea. Acknowledging the relatively low price of ZenFone devices, yet, the devices that are ultimately released will likely follow the final prototype preferably than the first.Capture2