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Popular CS:GO Player fer has been banned from Twitch over Racism.

Popular CS:GO Star and ESports Player, Fernando "Fer" Alvarenga has been banned once again from Twitch. Fer was previously banned for racism...

Discord Is Moving Away From Gaming Only to Much Wider Audience

“This is just the beginning of Discord’s journey to be a place for all of your communities to talk and build relationships,” Citron said.

Sony Announces 9 Indie Games Coming to PS5 and PS4

New Update tells us that PlayStation has goals to promote Indie Games. They plan on doing this by making an official announcement,...

Massive Criticism Leads Crysis Remastered Being Delayed

Two days ago, Microsoft Store listed Crysis Remastered with all the necessary details. The game also had its trailer attached, which was...

Crysis Remastered Trailer and Release Date Leaked by Microsoft Store

Crysis Remastered recently teased by Crytek was a classified project. However, Microsoft Store which is often involved in leaking numerous upcoming games...

“We Apologise for Inconvenience Regarding Joy-Con Problem” Nintendo’s President

Nintendo once well known for its excellent customer satisfaction is no more. The company battling with consistent leaks and security issues is...

Electronic Arts Will Investigate Any Individual Accused of Sexual Misconduct.

Well, the sexual misconduct saga continues as today EA announces that they will investigate any individual associated with such allegations. In an...

Xbox Live General Manager Dan McCulloch Has Decided to Leave Microsoft

After serving for 15 years at Microsoft, McCulloch has decided to leave Xbox. McCulloch was the head of Xbox Live for more...