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My most prominent gaming memories go right back to 2002. That year, GTA Vice City was released. Every day, I woke up energetically to explore the game! I am the myth behind News at GamersNavy.

World Protests After Hearthstone player banned over supporting Hong Kong Protests

You must be hearing news about a professional gamer getting banned for supporting Hong Kong Protests? Yes this is true and its...

Overwatch Comic ” The Hero of Numbani ” set to release...

A while ago, people spotted that there was an Overwatch comic book being listed on Amazon. Many suggested...

House of Dead 1 & 2 remakes in process.

Any gamer from the post-90s can remember House of Dead 1 & 2. These gems were developed by SEGA, and they were...

Kamala khan introduced as the main character in “Marvel’s Avengers” game.

During New York Comic-Con, Square Enix revealead that a new player is being added to the game. The...

EA in Trouble after Data Breach Leaks 1500 players’ personal information.

Well, this is not the first time this year that personal information is being leaked. We saw Data Breach issues with Spotify,...

Apex Legends and Haloween Update, New mode and more features!

The Halloween is just around the corner, and this means more hype for new updates!

Major Game Companies join hands with the UN to help Reduce...

Over the years we have seen the increase in Global Warming and Climate change. Many Organisations are working to help reduce Climate...

6 Batman Games are free on Epic Games this week

Today marks the 80th anniversary of Batman, so why not offer some free Batman games?