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Developing PS5 Games can prove to be expensive, Jim Ryan

In an interview with GBiz, PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan says that the games on PS5 will be expensive to make.

PS5 Event has been canceled, till new date is announced

After what happened to a citizen of America last week. It seems we won't be seeing an event from PlayStation on June 4.

Gaming Store MY.GAMES are offering 90/10 revenue split to developers

The gaming store announced that it'll give 90 percent of the revenue, hence offering 90/10 split. However, there is a slight twist to the topic.

Epic Games Store is looking to expand on Mobile Devices

The app according to the founder of Epic Games Store, Tim Sweeney "will be a store and distributing platform for Fortnite."

Minecraft Dungeons Gets its first DLC and Cross-Platform Event

Minecraft Dungeons is getting its first DLC. There isn't just one DLC, but two. The first one called Jungle Awakens is set...

PS5 Event Officially Confirmed For Thursday, June 4

We previously reported that PS5 event will either happen on June 3 or June 4. The leak has turned out to be...

PS5 Games will be for PS5, not PS4. Confirms Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan said that he wants developers to take advantage of newer hardware.

Detailed Guide to Fix Apex Legends Crashing on PS4, PC, and...

We have prepared a comprehensive guide that will solve all queries related to Apex Legends crashing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.