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My most prominent gaming memories go right back to 2002. That year, GTA Vice City was released. Every day, I woke up energetically to explore the game! I am the myth behind News at GamersNavy.

PUBG servers faced DDoS attacks and dozens of other issues.

The PUBG community is totally unhappy with the current problems game is facing. There are crashes, timeouts, bugs, cheating, and low fps...

GOG new refund policy is next level.

Refund policies all over the world are very important. We look at different brands, organizations, and stores offering different sorts of policies....

Rainbow Six Siege might go free after Smurfing is dealt with

Ubisoft has always been very curious about Rainbow Six Siege player base. Many times, we have heard Ubisoft serving justice to hackers,...

Nvidia killer AMD RX 5950 XT leaks are confirmed as fake.

Previously we heard AMD RX 5950 XT Graphics card specs, which was later described as an "Nvidia Killer". There were tons of...

Japanese Internet costs $55 for 10Gbps Connection

Internet speed for every tech geek matters a lot. It can literally change your experience of using a device. Fast internet is...

Valve is searching new cities for Dota 2 World Championship

Esports has been growing rapidly, there are tons of talent and potential out there. Dota 2 is a very major competitive game,...

The Division 2 will be free to play this weekend.

The Division 2 did not have the best of launches. It was filled with bugs, terrible optimization, and constant crashes. Ubisoft acknowledged...

Samsung confirms the data leaking of 150 users

8 days ago, Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners received a weird notification from Find My Phone App, which said number "1". Samsung responded...