Avast founded in 1988 is a major Software Company that has popular subsidiaries like HMA VPN, Avast Antivirus, Piriform, and Inloop X. The subsidiary company Avast Antivirus was found red-handed harvesting browsing data and selling it to advertisers. Avast has more than 450 million users, hence browsing data of all these users was given away. Furthermore, Avast gave this data to its subsidiary Jumpshot. They have now announced that Jumpshot will be closed immediately. Apart from this, Avast has said nothing about hundreds of employees who worked in Jumpshot, thus it is likely that all of them will lose their jobs.

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“Protecting people is Avast’s top priority and must be embedded in everything we do in our business and in our products. Anything to the contrary is unacceptable,” Vlcek wrote. “For these reasons, I – together with our board of directors – have decided to terminate the Jumpshot data collection and wind down Jumpshot’s operations, with immediate effect.”

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Avast’s CEO also apologized saying that their actions will have raised a lot of questions, and hurt the feelings of many. Lastly, this apology was announced after an operation by Motherboard and PCMag revealed the secretive sales of Internet Advertising and Browsing History tracking. They assigned these frauds to Jumpshot.

“Avast’s core mission is to keep people around the world safe and secure, and I realize the recent news about Jumpshot has hurt the feelings of many of you, and rightfully raised a number of questions—including the fundamental question of trust. As CEO of Avast, I feel personally responsible and I would like to apologize to all concerned,” Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek stated in a blog post

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Lastly, it is reported that Jumpshot had data from more than 100 million devices. Many big guns in Technology like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Yelp were one of their clients. Jumpshot would track all browsing data, and then sell them to individuals who needed it for advertising. These individuals would pay in millions to get accurate tracking of what people were searching all over the world. Avast has ended its subsidiary company Jumpshot. Furthermore, they have also told people that everything happened “fully within legal bounds, committed themselves to 100 percent GDPR compliance”.

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