An Avengers X Fortnite collaboration will be taking place on the 25th of April to celebrate the upcoming release of the Avengers: End Game. It won’t be the first time that we will be seeing characters from a movie that have gained world-wide fame be featured into the game for example the inclusion of John Wick and Thanos has been seen before as well.

Epic Games have partnered up with the MCU and cash out on some of the hype following the highly anticipated release of their upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

In an announcement teasing the collaboration on twitter it was made clear that we can be expecting some fancy skins that celebrate the release of the movie on “4.25.19”. At this moment we are not sure whether we will be getting to see some Avenger related skins only or will certain characters be having the abilities of the super heroes as well in-game. However, I personally can say that having Captain America’s shield or Thor’s Stormbreaker in-game does seem very intriguing to say the least. #FortniteXAvengers

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