Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is the latest addition in Pakistan’s vibrant tally of animated movies. Following a line-up of national hits like 3 Bahadur and Burka Avenger (series), this feature film is set to be released in February 2018.


The release of illustrious peers such as 3 Bahadur and Burka Avenger (Animated Series) was welcomed in Pakistani media. Under firm supervision of stalwarts like Haroon and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, these movies managed to gain national and even international acclaims. Moreover, they were able to feather up the likes of Rio 2 to attain all-time best grossing for animated movies Pakistan. These animated masterpieces had set up a standard for the upcoming movies. Following up the stepping stones left by its predecessors. Allahyar and the legend of the Markhor was expected to honor the tradition of brilliance. But as much as the trailer suggests, it promises to be a notch above.

The scene is beautifully sketched in the picturesque northern valleys of Pakistan. Where a boy named Allahyar who is living peacefully with his family. Betrayed by his own curiosity, Allahyar wanders off and gets kidnapped by Mani, a hunter.

Ali Noor voices Mani
Ali Noor voices the menacing hunter ‘Mani’.

Allahyar finds new allies in wild animals as they scurry along the northern landscape, escaping the wrath of the hunter. Seeing talking animals and dancing birds Allahyar is astounded by the marvels of nature. He explores and relives a world he never knew existed.

The movie is played out by a talented cast. Names like Ali Noor (Mani) and Natasha Humaira Ejaz (voicing Mehru) will ensure that this film will feature multiple songs. Azhar Jafri extends his role in the movie by playing the notorious Hero. Allahyar is voiced by Anum Zaidi who is landing another lead role after acing her character in Burka Avenger.

Asfar Jafri
The director of a recent hit ‘Parchi’: Asfar Jafri plays Hero, the Chakoor Partridge

The movie is targeted at children but is expected to attract mature audiences because of its elevated animation and gravity of its message. According to director Uzair Zaheer Khan, the movie is centrally themed on the conservation of wildlife. It connects with the local audience by letting the characters adopt local culture, language and values. The movie then preaches that conservation of wildlife is necessary for our national heritage. The portrayal of Pakistan’s national animal Markhor and the endangered Snow Leopard further embodies the idea.

Allahyar and the Legend of the Markhor
Allahyar and the legend of the Markhor is expected to be released on 2nd February 2018.

The movie is a good omen for the Pakistani Film Industry. We hope it lives up to its expectations and serve as a benchmark for all Pakistani movies to come.

Source: Express Tribune