A while ago, back in March, some alleged reports suggested that the new Battlefield game will feature loot boxes to some extent. A representative for Battlefield V publisher Electronic Arts told Kotaku, “I can confirm that there are no loot boxes.”

Image: Accelerated Ideas

The loot boxes that were supposed to be in the game were planned to contain only cosmetic items. However, the statement clearly denies that there will be any loot-boxes in the game. The last major title of Battlefield featured loot boxes back in 2016’s Battlefield 1.

One more reason that took down EA’s idea of game Loot-boxes could be the recently added prohibition on the loot-box system in games from few countries due to “psychological profit forecast” from developers as stated by the law of Belgium.

Now, as we know that Battlefield V won’t be featuring loot boxes at all, that is good news for some, Although the game will still have a currency that you can buy with real money, though you can only buy cosmetic customization items, not anything that actually affects gameplay, it seems.

Battlefield V is going to be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin on October 19. It will be available in both standard and Deluxe editions; those who purchase the latter will get access to the game three days early, on October 16.