After much speculation, Battlefield V has been officially announced by EA. This is the authentic information that EA has confirmed the name of the upcoming Battlefield game and yet, there is much need to be known about the upcoming shooter game.

Previously Battlefield 1 was set in World War I, which was quite a good move by EA which motivates the players to experience the actual World War with brute combat and vicious guns. As there is a ‘V’ as postfix in the revealed title name, and it seems to be the successor of Battlefield 4 advancements but there is a catch! It is confirmed that Battlefield V’s scenario will revolve around the World War II.

The reveal event will be hosted by Trevor Noah(a comedian and TV presenter). The reveal event will be live on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.


This image shows the time and date of the live event for Battlefield V.

As yet, it is not confirmed that which platforms will be chosen for its release, but it is confirmed that it will hit the PC platform as every first-person shooter game is considered to be playable with the maximum potential derived by a player and a machine. Battlefield definitely has sold many copies on PC platform than any other combined as a whole.

Activision has already portraited world war 2 in their latest installment (Call of Duty World War II). Which was quite a masterpiece by both modes (Campaign and Multiplayer). Many stories were told that Call of Duty and Battlefield will have Battle Royale mode too but the final reveal event is still due to be provoked by EA and hopefully, this won’t be a rumor as Battle Royale has yielded many online shooting game players over the year.

Get ready to be there for the final announcements are going to be slated on May 23rd. Stay tuned for more!