One of the recent EA Release, Battlefield V has not maintained its name. The game had a lot of trouble during its release in October 2018. First, it was criticized for having female players, afterward, fans complained that they do not want another WW2 game. EA President Peter Skolund was not happy to hear these critics and gave harsh remarks.

Well, now Battlefield V isn’t that popular, however, EA is trying their best to keep it relevant. Battlefield V will be free every weekend in October. The game will feature a multiplayer mode on specific maps. Additionally, players can also play the single-player story mode and save their progress. If they liked the game and decided to buy it, the progress will continue from the purchased game.

Currently, Rush mode is live on Operation Underground, Rotterdam, Norvik and Mercury. The next trail will start on 17th October in which Conquest mode will be featured. It’ll be played on Rotterdam, Devastation, Marita, and Arras.

The final trail will start on 24, it’ll offer Grand Operation on Twisted Steel, Narvik, Hamada, Rotterdam and Panzer storm. These 3 weekends will allow new players to experience what’s it like to play Battlefield V. Additionally, this can bring a lot of buyers for this kinda dead game. EA is trying to push this game into popularity just before the arrival of new Modern Warfare. How many times have we seen EA do something like this?

Apart from this, The Battle Royale will not be a part of Trail mode. You can play it if you purchase the game.