After weeks of speculation and rumors, EA has finally revealed Battlefield V along with a lot of details about the newest installment in their Battlefield series. As DICE takes the Battlefield franchise back to World War II, the developer wanted to go back to the series’ origins while showing a different context and level of detail to the epic battle. The recent live stream showed a thorough breakdown of the game’s content, while battle royale mode was notably missing in the live stream. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Battlefield V.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is an upcoming first-person shooter game based on World War II developed by DICE, the same developer behind the entire Battlefield franchise, including the first-ever installment in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1942. Players will be taking part in several large-scale sea, air, and land battles during the World War II, continuing the tradition of the series. The game will focus on European and British forces, other sides will be coming in the later updates of the game. You will see some unique perspectives of the war, including the Battle of Rotterdam, the occupation of Norway, and the Northern African campaign. Along with a greater focus on in-game storytelling, both in multiplayer matches and the returning War stories. Players can also create their own unique squad of soldiers and take them to battle in a series of missions online in multiplayer and co-op.

How can you play Battlefield V

Battlefield V will be available for all the players on 19th of October on PS4, Xbox One, and PC(Origin). Those players who subscribe to EA access or Origin access and those players who pre-order the game will have access to the free trial on October 11th. However, those players who pre-order the deluxe edition of Battlefield V will open the game on October 16th. The developer is also planning an open beta to allow everyone to get a chance to experience the game before the game’s October launch, however, the date for the open beta has not been specified yet.



What’s new in Battlefield V?

Although the game still focuses on class-based engagements in battles with a large number of players, Battlefield V will include several new features in the game. In the trailer, there was a squad of soldiers taking part in a large-scale battle in the French countryside. These characters had quite a unique look to them as one of the soldiers had blue face paint, and the female soldier had a prosthetic limb. This showed us that one of the bigger focuses in Battlefield V will be squad customization.

The class system is making a return in Battlefield V, players will be able to choose a class and an outfit for the soldier(either male or female), having whatever weapons, tools, and cosmetic items the players like. In addition to that, players can also upgrade these classes to a particular specialization, like the Assault class focuses more on anti-tank skills.

Battlefield V features a greater level of detail and physics which are several steps ahead of any previous Battlefield installment. The weapon and player physics and animations have been significantly improved to offer the players a more tactical and lively feel. There is a greater range of movement for the soldiers now, that includes sliding, shooting while sliding, reverse-prone(on your back), and various other maneuvers like grabbing a nearby gate or a wall. Furthermore, the weapons have more weight to them now, which helps the players to get a feel for every shot being fired.

This image shows the detailing of the graphics in the Battlefield V.

The new animations will also help with balancing the gameplay. For example, medics will have to be more careful while reviving other players, they might even drag the wounded soldiers away as well if they have to, as dragging will take some time compared to the medics in the past games.

War Stories

This mode is returning from Battlefield 1, which includes a collection of story missions which exhibit many of the moments of heroism and struggles during the most stressful battles of World War II. The War Stories in Battlefield V will be focusing more on the perspectives and battles which aren’t well-known. We saw a teaser for one of the War Stories in the live stream, that was set in 1943 during the German occupation of Norway. Your character is a young resistance fighter who has to protect her loved ones while confronting the invading forces. As Battlefield 1 launched with a total of six War Story missions, Battlefield V will be launching with its own War Story missions and we will see new ones gradually being added to the game through content updates of the game.

Grand Operations

Grand Operations is an evolution of the Operations mode, as multiplayer matches are set across various game types and maps, Grand Operations will take things even further by adding new locales and game types to the game. This game mode will take several in-game days giving the players a tug-of-war-style approach to. Whenever a player will spawn into the game in any mode, they will not have the full inventory of ammunition and other supplies. The players will have to make the tactical decision then and there to either press the attack and scratch out a few kills with limited resources or immediately find a source from which to resupply.


Tides of war, Battlefield 5’s ongoing live service. Upon the launch of the game later this year, all of the modes will be centering around the early period of WWII and the fall of Europe. As the game will move forward, new battle-fields and new frontier missions will open up for multiplayer modes. A goal has been set by DICE which includes the full story of WWII over the entire lifespan of Battlefield 5. This means there will be entirely new Combined Arms assets to create missions from, and widely new Grand Operations to play out.

Amazingly, DICE and publisher Electronic Arts are ending the Premium Pass. Every new map and a new mode that is released for Battlefield 5 will be free for all owners.

Battlefield 5 is expected to launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. As usual, an early trial of the game will be available to EA Access and Origin Access members on Oct. 11. The deluxe edition of the game will unlock on Oct. 16, with the standard edition coming out on Oct. 19.