Previously Bungie, Call of Duty and Humble Store introduced their packages, which would contribute to do Australian fire relief. Bungie introduced a limited Destiny 2 shirt, and Humble Store sold an irresistible package. The earnings from these two platforms went to funds, that are working on stopping the Australian Bushfire.

Australian Bushfires has been perhaps the saddest event of 2020, more than a million species and hundreds of humans have lost their lives. Famous actors like Leonardo Di Capri, Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman have also donated huge sums of money to help stop it.

Today we have news that Bethesda has come forward to show their support for Australian Relief Effort. They will start a 24-Hour Sale, which will begin on January 30th. Additionally, it’ll feature 33% off on all Bethesda Games. Players will be able to buy from either Bethesda.NET or Furthermore, Bethesda is currently offering Fallout-themed Responders Australia Charity Tee for $25. Again, earnings from these Tees will also go to the Australian Relief Effort.

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The Australian bushfires are severely reduced, however, there is still a lot of spreading. Millions of animals have died, and if you include insects and everything, around billion have them died. The amount of loss that this bushfire has created cannot be calculated, since millions of hectares were burned, and now there are many species that can be extinct. Furthermore, 30 people were killed including many firefighters who are working 24/7 to stop the fire from spreading more.

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