A few days ago there was discussion regarding how the season will end. Many people gave their suggestions but none would have thought of this. Fast forward, Epic Games tweeted that the event “The End” Will take place on Sunday, 13th of October. Yesterday the event happened and it took everyone by surprise

The game had a timer above the rocket which was ready to be deployed. When the time was over, Rocket went straight up and combined with Meteor. A huge Black Hole appeared on the Sky and it swallowed everything. The Rocket kept multiplying and there was spark everywhere. After everything was swallowed by the Hole, players were taken into a rift after which a black screen was displayed to everyone. The game had ended there. Players who had not joined the game also saw the same Black Screen.

Fortnite’s new season will start next week, however, there are no official comments after the event by Fortnite. Their Social Media pages have changed their profile pictures to Black Holes.

There is a live video on YouTube by Epic Games which is showing the Black Hole. The same Black Hole which swallowed everything. Additionally, any changes to the game might be seen on this channel so keep following it. Meanwhile, we don’t know where everything was teleported to. Some players on Twitter are saying that Fortnite has ended, many have connected the event to Elon Musk statement regarding the purchase of Fortnite. A few moments later Elon Musk made a joke that he had purchased Fortnite and deleted it