Gaming on a touchscreen phone is one of my least favorite things to like. One-handed games that are like a natural fit for a phone are not an issue for me of course but tapping and swiping in some games with complex controlling schemes can made anyone mad.

The Black Shark 2 is a phone made by Xiaomi. Xiaomi made a gaming phone that was released in China this year. This phone reduces that friction with its Magic Touch unique feature. It relies on the phone’s pressure-sensitive display to let you reassign the controls to more convenient location on the screen in accordance to your wishes. It works similar to 3D Touch on the iPhone. It also changes the screen’s response depending on how hard you insert pressure on it. And maybe we call it the most useful feature.

Magic Touch can be activated in a game by swiping in from the top right corner of the phone’s screen while gaming in landscape mode. Let me tell you games in portrait mode like Pokemon Go are not supported to this feature. Its interface asks you to choose which two button mapping schemes you would like to alter, and where would you like them to stay on the screen. Of course, how you choose to customize is totally up to you but the idea here is to reduce. If you will not eliminate, awkward finger movements may make you mad.


Talking about its pros and cons, two things that appeal me the most are its fast performance for a reasonable price and this phone making game enjoyable. If we discuss the cons, this phone is month behind the security updates and the design would not appeal to the most of users.

PUBG on mobile may be a nice example to specialize in. It’s already designed with tremendous management customization, permitting players to alter the placement of virtually each button, likewise as their size and transparency. Wherever Magic bit compliments it’s by material possession Maine create two multi-function buttons, created attainable with the phone’s pressure-sensitive touchscreen.

Originally, PUBG’s controls place the “Sprint” button wherever your finger naturally rests to maneuver the character. I’d value more highly to be ready to sway my avatar left and right to avoid gunshot, whereas managing inventory on the proper aspect of the screen. Usually, that involves sound the “Inventory” button close to the lowest corner of the screen. Magic bit lets Maine produce a secondary action right over the “Sprint” button that, once you press the screen exhausting enough, opens the inventory on the proper aspect while not lifting a finger.

Magic bit permits you to customize one button on the proper aspect, too, and for PUBG, I knew precisely what else I needed to alter. You’ll be able to already move the camera, whether or not in third- or first-person read, by moving a finger around within the right 1/2 the screen. That’s fine, however I don’t need to own to raise that finger to seek out the “Fire” button once I encounter another player. So, I anchored a Magic bit button to the present a part of the screen that fires my weapon once I press exhausting enough. It looks like this is often the manner the sport is meant to be compete.


Magic bit isn’t restricted to PUBG. You’ll be able to use it on any landscape-oriented game that has controls that you’d prefer to customize and developers don’t have to be compelled to do something special to their games to change it. However, thanks to its reliance on the Black Shark’s two pressure-sensitive screen, it’s restricted to merely this phone. Most well-liked mechanical man phones don’t have screens that support one thing like this, thus it wouldn’t work though this code was free on the Google Play Store. To do out the feature yourself, you’ll have to be compelled to obtain the phone.

You can apprehend for $599.99 at Amazon, and that’s not prohibitively high-priced for a phone with specs just like the Qualcomm flower 855, the most recent processor found in 2019 mechanical man flagship phones. It’s 8GB of RAM, associate degreed an in-display fingerprint device, too, thus it’s right up there with the likes of the OnePlus 7 professional and Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware options.

Cool because the Magic Touch feature is, though, the Black Shark 2 isn’t the simplest selection if you reside within the USA. The phone solely works with GSM carriers, like AT&T and T-Mobile; Verizon and Sprint won’t work. And, there’s no guarantee support within the USA.
The Black Shark 2 runs Mechanical Man 9 Pie, and it’s freed from bloat, that may be a smart issue. Amazingly, the interface is essentially “stock,” and isn’t Xiaomi’s (Black Shark’s parent company) MIUI interface. However, Xiaomi has didn’t deliver security updates on a daily basis. As of your time of commercial enterprise, it’s on the February 2019’s security patch.


If those problems haven’t turned you off, its style may. Black Shark 2 is made for recreation, and whereas that doesn’t have to be compelled to necessitate tacky appearance, this phone is packed with discordant hardware details. A bright inexperienced chamfered edge runs all the manner round the phone, and also the back of the Black Shark 2 feels like a flashy sports automotive.

Google’s element phones typically get flak for his or her two-toned style, however Xiaomi’s mix of metal and glass is really one thing. It even has associate degree lighted brand on its back and a light-up strip on the aspect — nigh obligatory inclusions for love or money marketed toward gamers.


Pressure-sensitive screens area unit typically a gimmick. On iPhones, 3D bit in iOS is beneficial on paper, although Apple hasn’t done a good job of justifying its existence. Some power users might get pleasure from it, since it will let users get a lot of finished fewer faucets, however the majority seemingly don’t even aware of it. 

 Black Shark’s application of this kind of technical school remains principally a gimmick. Its utility can vary betting on what games you wish to play, associate degreed you won’t get abundant use out of it if you’re already an ace at enjoying games on a touchscreen. However, in person, it had been revelatory. Rather than work onto Twitter each couple of minutes, for an absence of something higher to try and do on this phone, some people really felt the rare pull to play a mobile game.

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