We have been closely following Blitzchung, who was Hearthstone Grandmaster. Blitzchung was suspended after he said “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!” on a Livestream during ESports event, after which Blizzard suspended him permanently, his winnings were canceled, and everyone went mad over this. The player did break rules by talking about political things during ESports event, however people supported him, and there were protests against Blizzard & Media due to what was happening in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Blizzard went on to explain that their immediate actions were a bit unfair, thus they decided to lower his ban time & gave him partial winnings.

The player gave an interview on People Make Games. Blitzchung was not regretful of his decision, he explained that his words were not pre-planned, and they were spoken due to ongoing situation. Blitzchung was playing the game when there were protests outside.

“That day was a weekend. And our protests, our major protests, usually just goes on the weekend,” he explained. “When so many people are protesting out there and I just sit there, playing my tournaments, I just feel kind of bad and I want to do something.”
“Gaming is just part of my life, but I want to live in [Hong Kong] for the rest of my life. I really love this place. So I mean, there is something more important than my career.”

Furthermore, when Blitzchung was banned, two casters also spoke against Blizzard, and they were banned too. Sadly, Blizzard did not bother to reduce their ban, and they suffered more than Blitzchung. These casters highly supported Blitzchung voice. The player went on to meet with both casters, and he was grateful.

“I was really worried about them as well,” he said. “I traveled to Taiwan in November to meet them, and for some other gaming activities. And I meet them, I talk with them. And then I felt better afterwards. One of the casters, he worried more about me than about himself. He just told me that everything is okay and you just need to worry about yourself and everything here in Hong Kong.”

Lastly, Blitzchung was not regretful of his decision. He says that he would still do the same if he went in the past. “Even if I had a chance to go back, I would still do it,” he said. “Because it’s a must-do thing. I have to do it.” The player was very generous about his words. Furthermore, Blitzchung has also singed with Tempo Storm, and he looks forward to his return. Blizzard faced a lot of criticism and protest because of their treatment of handling the verdicts. However, Blizzard wanted to make an example of him & and Casters but little did they knew about the ongoing Hong Kong riots.

Blizzard will return Blitzchung’s money, the suspension is also reduced.
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