Buy Vivo XL3

In the past, it was not that easy to get good mobile phones at a decent price. The budget-oriented phones were not the main focus of all mobile brands. However, today in this era of 2018 the case is different. A lot of mobile phones brands are focusing on budget phones and the result is quite good.

Although this is great, as we see all mobile phones brands taking interest in budget-oriented phones, it gives options to the people that aren’t that financially stable and just wants a good working phone that doesn’t remind them that they are not rich.

Brands like BLU are taking the massive lead in this scenario. Blu is offering a phone with a 110$ price tag that is almost surpassing some flagships phones from a distance.

Blu Vivo XL3

The Blu Vivo XL3 is available at just 110$ on Amazon right now. (The sale might go off quickly). With today’s discount, there are not any other phones in this price range that have similar flagship-like features. Vivo XL3 is nearly bezel-less and have great premium perks like a fingerprint sensor, great storage options, and new generation of Android. They’re not laggy phones with cheap-looking designs but actually good knockoffs of $900 phones just at $110 which is almost unbelievable.

The phone sports the Mediatek 6737 processor and a Mali-T729 GPU, there isn’t any noticeable lag while opening apps quickly, no bloatware or any kind of extra smart annoying assistants, has 3GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage, again just at 110$. Storage expandability is also available.

Now expect some flaws as well, the front camera might not attract that much in terms of flagship quality and the battery drains fast even at 3000mAh capacity.

Currently, the Vivo XL3 costs $109.99 on Amazon After 24 to 48 hours, According to Blu the promotions will end and the phones will cost $179.99. Get your hands on it as quick as possible because it’s almost unbelievable that a phone with flagships aesthetics can be scored at just $110.