Borderlands 3 is regularly getting new updates. The game still has some flaws, however, Gearbox is trying their best to improve most of the issues. The new Patch which will arrive in Late November is going to bring improvement in every sector. Gearbox says that the new patch is meant to continue the improvement of the game. “Performance and stability will continue to be an ongoing effort with more fixes rolled out with each upcoming patch.”

The Community has been constantly complaining about the bank being too small, and items storage is an issue. Gearbox addressed this issue, and new update will bring an expansion to the bank. According to Gearbox, the update will almost double the storage space, hence users don’t have to worry about storage anymore. The first of several planned expansions will coincide with the release of Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite.

Expect a significant bank expansion that will more than double the existing space. Additional expansions to the bank will continue to be rolled out over future releases. Additionally, the new update will also buff specific characters. Some characters are not performing as expected in Mayhem Mode, and their damage needs to be adjusted says, developer. These characters include Moze’s Iron Bear, FL4K’s pets, and Zane’s Digi-Clone/SNTL. Gearbox is focusing on making every character an option for builds.

Apart from this, Gearbox is planning to add more UI Support, levels, new rewards, and playlists. These changes will be added to Mayhem Mode 2.0, which is an overhaul of Mayhem Mode. Furthermore, the game will also get more vending machines across the map. Players can expect new ammo and health vending machines outside boss arenas and some in bigger environments. The vending machines can be found at:

  • Athenas
  • Atlas HQ
  • Skywell-27
  • Lectra City
  • Jakobs Estate
  • Voracious Canopy
  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • The Pyre of Stars

More changes include Skippable Cinematic, Target Dummy and a lot of bug fixes. You can read about patch notes here.