Bully 2

It has been 13 years since Bully has been released and it is one of the biggest hits that hasn’t got a sequel yet. However, there is good news a YouTuber called SWEGTA who is known for making videos related to Rockstar recently uncovered that a user named Alex Martens commented on his Bully 2 video saying that Bully 2 is indeed in development. For those who don’t know Alex Martens is an actual developer who works at Rockstar Games.

Many of you might say that it might be a fake account used to spread rumors; however the account was made in 2013, and it is subscribed to Game Developers Conference channel. So, even if this account is fake, it is somewhat convincing.

For now, there hasn’t been an official statement from Rockstar themselves but who knows they might consider a sequel to Bully. “Alex Martens” has commented on other videos relating to Bully 2, and it is weird that a Rockstar’s developer would go out of their way to comment on videos. So, take this rumor with a grain of salt, and if we get any updates regarding this rumor, we will keep you updated.

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