IPhone users are always eager to know what Apple has in store for the next generation of iPhone models. Currently Apple is striving to keep its costs down and as a result, in the upcoming generations of iPhone models, rather than going with the USB Type-C Apple is sticking with the Lightening port reportedly. Coming out as a let-down for the iPhone fans, the Cupertino based iPhone producer will continue packing in the box: the same old 5W charger as well as USB Type-A to lightening cable. Apple is already suffering for the pricing of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR variants and it further does not want to make a more expensive next generation as compared to the current one hence going on with the same Lightning port and accessories will assist the company in keeping its costs down.  

Though some early reports did claim that testing of next generation of iPhone models with USB Type-C ports was in process but now it seems like Apple is letting those efforts go. Macotakara, a Japanese website has reported that 2019 iPhone models will come along with USB Type-A to Lightening cable and the slow 5W charger. For the recent iPhone users, one main frustrating point has pertained and that is the bundled 5W since though the essential technology for faster charging has been included in all iPhone models (since iPhone 8) by the company but a fast charger has never been bundled in any of iPhone models’ retail box. 

It is still not unambiguous if the decision of holding on to prior problematic features will result in furthering cost benefits to consumers or make the company pay.

iPhone XS

According to current circulating rumors, mirroring 2018, Apple is preparing for the launch of three models along with follow ups for iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that the iPhone model which will be the highest-end is sure to gear up with a triple rear camera but the other will be equipped with two cameras on the back similar to the iPhone XS. The Unveiling of the iPhone models of 2019 is expected to happen sometime in September just as always.

Let’s just hope that Apple’s decision pays back both ways.