A few days back, I wrote about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Outback Relief Pack, which will contribute to the Australian bushfire relief. The pack featured many items, skins, and Australian Themed cosmetics.

Furthermore, all funds will be generated from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Outback Pack. According to Infinity Ward, 100% percent of all net proceeds across all platforms will be used to provide relief. Players who will purchase this DLC, are actually contributing to the Bushfires, which is a very human thing to do. Additionally, if any player who purchased the pack before the official announcement on Friday, your contribution will still happen. Players can step up and donate to this case, by purchasing the DLC till January 31.

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Today, Activision has reported that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Outback Relief Pack has raised over $1.6 million dollars for Australian Bushfire relief. Additionally, Activision wrote on a blog that they are working with a humanitarian aid organization, that will ensure 100% of the funding goes directly to Australian relief.

“Call of Duty players around the world came together in support of this terrible tragedy. We’re honored to help in this effort with the funds from the Outback Relief pack. We thank everyone for their generosity, and we look forward to putting this donation into action”.

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Bungie, Bethesda, HumbleStore, and Activision have earned nothing from these sorts of contributions. Activision all net proceeds from this pack were donated, hence they did not earn a penny from it. Furthermore, US $1.6 million dollars equal to $2.38 AUD, which is quite high. Lastly, the Outback Relief Pack has ended, thus you cannot buy any of those items again.

The Australian bushfires are severely reduced, however, there is still a lot of spreading. Millions of animals have died, and if you include insects and everything, around billion have them died. The amount of loss that this bushfire has created cannot be calculated, since millions of hectares were burned, and now there are many species that can be extinct. Furthermore, 30 people were killed including many firefighters who are working 24/7 to stop the fire from spreading more.

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