According to a report by Eurogamer, console players are now looking to escape from PC and Console crossplay, particularly because there are a lot of hackers. The Console players already have a hard time keeping up with PC Players, due to Mouse and Keyboard advantage.

Call of Duty

Console players still get the aim-assist which is often not enough. Afterward, they face even bigger competitors, that are not good at the game just hacking.

Most of them are hacking on PC, because its very hard to Hack on Console, due to limited resources. The biggest issue with Call of Duty Warzone is that its free to play, which caused a huge mess. Any PC Player can go down use hacks, get banned, and then easily come back. I discussed this issue when 50,000 Warzone players were banned last month.

Similarly, Infinity Ward is also doing its best to keep the game clean, but well you can never stop hackers. According to many clips on the games subreddit, there is blatant wallhacking, aimbot, and no recoil involved. A lot of the hackers are caught with the help of Modern Warfare’s killcam and Warzone’s spectate mode.

The cross-play issue

Console players are mostly forced to play with PC players, particularly because of Modern Warfare’s crossplay feature. On the other hand, Infinity Ward benefits from quick matchmaking, and servers are easily filled.

Free to play Warzone players are mostly hacking, but according to game’s sub-reddit, those who are paying $20 for bundles are also hacking. According to players, Infinity Ward does not want to ban its premium players.


According to majority players on Call of Duty subreddit, they are now disabling crossplay to avoid playing against hackers. Similarly, they will now face more matchmaking time. According to the report, the game itself does not encourage you to leave cross-platform, hence it asks you to re-enable it.

Call of Duty

I think it would be pretty fair, that either Infinity Ward takes strict action against hackers or find a solution for Console players. This game is not enjoyable when you are already matched up against better players, afterward, you face hackers as well. Infinity Ward is trying their best to keep the game clean, but like I said the issue happens because game is free

Released in March, Call of Duty Warzone had 15 million players in three days, and then it advanced to 30 million. A few weeks ago, Infinity Ward reported that the game now has 50 million players. Similarly, the game has also banned 50,000 cheaters in just 20 days.

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