Call of Duty Mobile has been a major success for Activision. The game has made a name for Activision in the Mobile Gamers community. We heard a lot about the game, and to be honest the marketing was on point. They already had a positive start before releasing the game.

Today, we have some stats that will give you an idea of how successful this game has been. Call of Duty Mobile first month downloads were around 148 Million. The game start was pretty good, well it was developed by Chinese Mega Giant Company Tencent so you can expect Quality launch.

The game after an insane start is right below Pokémon GO in terms of most successful mobile games. Call of Duty Mobile has around 4.9 Million downloads daily. These stats are combined from downloads via App Store & Google Play. Furthermore, the game had around 24 Million downloads in a day on October 1. This was a record-breaking day in the Mobile Gaming Community.

Traffic is mostly generated from the United States & India. Out of 100%, the United States population generated 16% of total downloads. India was right next with 11% of downloads. A quick comparison would be that the United States generated 23.6 Million Downloads, while India was on par with 16.2 Million.
Call of Duty: Mobile generated a profit of $53.9 million, setting an average of $3.1 million spent by players per day. The United States led this competition too, almost $22.8 million were spent by players in the US. That is 16% of the total revenue. Secondly, Japan out of nowhere showed up being the second Country. Players in Japan spent almost $7 million, a total 4%.

Call of Duty massive success has produced a tough competition for its rival games. It broke Fortnite mobile launch records. Fortnite had around 35 million downloads in the first month, and they made almost 50 million revenues.

PUBG is another massive Battle Royale game, that is popular within mobile gamers. COD: Mobile broke PUBG downloads record in the first month. PUBG : Mobile had 60.7 million downloads in first month, COD generated around 148 million downloads, so that is almost 2 times.

COD : Mobile has been a huge success for Activision. A few months ago, we would have not imagined Activision achieving so much in Mobile Gaming, however, they have made a name for themselves within Mobile Gamers. COD: Mobile has given its competitor’s tough competition, so let’s see what other new publishers can achieve.