Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has achieved huge success in 2019. The game became an instant hit, and Activision is further developing it with incredible updates. Today we have confirmation, that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will get battle royale mode in March 2020. This was confirmed after an official from Activision told VGC. The person further said that the new mode is “at least a few weeks away”. If there were no additional delays, the battle royale is set to launch in early March.

Furthermore, the battle royale mode is renamed to Warzone. The mode will be completely free for all players, and it’ll appear on the main menu written as “classified”. Furthermore, the battle royale mode will have a unified progression with existing battle passes. Hence, any unlocked items will automatically move to Battle Royale Mode.

The official sources also told VGC, that in the coming weeks, we will hear from Activision about Warzone. This is being happened, because apparently, North American content creators are being invited to review the mode and capture footage before the announcement.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a battle royale mode, and these are not rumors any more. Previously, Activision released the upcoming season trailer, in which the players were dropping from a plane. Afterward, everyone created hype, that this was battle royale mode.

Let’s see what Activision is about to announce in the coming weeks. This news has not been officially confirmed by Activision, but the source has good links, and it looks promising.

Everyone will be able to redeem it, and keep the game for lifetime.

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