Update: The Trailer is here!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale mode has had a lot of leaks lately. We have heard some incredible rumors that sounded too good to be true. Today, we have a very authentic leak, that will give us info regarding the battle royale mode called Warzone.

Popular YouTube Chaos with more than 2 million subscribers was invited to take a look at Warzone by Infinity Ward. He uploaded a video revealing most of the details about the upcoming Battle Royale mode. Afterward, his video was removed, but someone wrote all the features and posted it on Reddit.

Most Importantly Free!
According to Chaos, the upcoming mode will be completely free. It’ll feature Massive maps like Terminal, Scrapyard, and some newer ones. He further said that no areas in the map feel repetitive, all look different and unique. The player count is also 150, and it might increase in all three modes, solo, duo’s, and trios.

The looting system is also made simple, players will only be able to loot the weapons, and attachments can be only found from supply drops. Squad jumping is based on leader, very similar to Apex Legends, and health regeneration is automatic. Furthermore, the map will also feature 3D texts above locations, that look stunning. A new feature is also introduced, that will allow players to check a tactical map. The map will show things like circle timer, gulag matches, and much more. Warzone will feature 5 vehicles, that include ATV, SUV, HELI, Cargo Truck, and Tac Rover. Players will also spawn with a pistol, and Armor is automatic after equipping plates.

More features include

  • -Armor is automatic after equipping plates, seems like you can have up to 5. (Triangle to build).
  • Two hitmarkers to kill in a downed state.
  • -There are contracts with money, confirming the leaks e.g. collecting three crates.
  • -Ammo seems dumbed down, Assault rifle/LMG box x30.
  • -After killing a player, the loot just drops. There are no bags or going through the list of inventory like Blackout.
  • -Pinging returns, pinging locations, dangerous areas, enemy contact etc.
  • -I noticed when guns are picked up, the relevant ammo is next to it. Doesn’t seem like you’re going to be looking around too much for ammo drops.
  • -Loadout drops (like care packages), blueprints with weapon staches/caches – with a rarity symbol, I saw 3 out of 5 circles, maybe a reference to how many attachments equipped.
  • -Safe zone is gas, Chaos says the game plays/feels fast.
  • -Unsure of the maximum ammo count but at one point Chaos has 20/210 clipped for the SCAR.
  • -Lethals such as claymores, mines and grenades return.
  • -You can request buy back from squad to redeploy, and of course you can buy respawn tokens with the cash you earn.
  • -Ground war maps return (not much news).
  • -You get minimal ammo for the guns you pick up, just the one magazine.
  • -There are bounties, eliminating specific players – possibly MVP, rewarding cash. This is on a countdown.
  • -Gulag sequence is important. If you’re killed or captured(?) you’re a Prisoner of warzone, and taken to the prison cells. This has it’s own animation.
  • -You watch others fight in the Gulag (extended version of the Gunfight map) in a 1v1 and there is a countdown until your turn.
  • -You can see this in realtime, so you can make callouts for your teammates, and even throw rocks at the enemy.
  • -Gulag 1v1 seems like randomised classes like Gunfight – example was Crossbow with Origin secondary, C4 and flash.
  • -Easter eggs all over map, Chaos gives the example of TV’s showing Mile High Club mission.
  • -Vehicle controls seem smooth, unlike Blackout. Maybe the same as GW. Chaos recommends helicopters.
  • -Team mates can drop loot (duh).
  • -Revive team seems like five seconds, stim animation.
    -Chaos says one of his concerns his killstreak spam, they can be bought and during the final circles, there were airstrike spam (there is a warning).

These features look extra-ordinary and unique. This sort of Battle Royale mode can take Call of Duty: Modern Warfare much higher than its rivals.

Source: Reddit

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