The latest title from Activision Call of Duty: Warzone is really good. The game publishers yesterday reported that Warzone’s playerbase has now exceeded 30 million. This has broken several other game records, and you can check more details here.

New Map and much more

Call of Duty

Activision has just reported that they will add more content to Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. These features include a new 6v6 map called Khandor Hideout, which is based in Urzikistan. Khandor Hideout has wide ranges with little cover, ideally good for snipers. Furthermore, there will be a large warehouse, that will be in the centre acting as a hub of activity and haven for CBQ players.

Combat Dog
More features include an Indiana dog, tha would help you during warfare. “A new Operator joins the Coalition – Talon. Talon comes alongside his fierce dog Indiana that’s also ready for combat. Indiana’s skills are on display in Talon’s Finishing Move, one of many items in Talon’s bundle. The bundle also includes two Legendary weapon blueprints and two tier skips! Visit the Store this week and get the Talon bundle to jump into a Multiplayer match or drop into Warzone with this new Operator: Talon will be added to both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Call of Duty

More Weapons
Additionally, new four new weapons are banned added. The MK2 Carbine, 725, .50 GS, and EBR-14 will be added to Warzone. These weapons will be available across Verdansk in both rarities.

Lastly, Call of Duty Endowment Defender pack is coming back to Modern Warfare and Warzone. Players can purchase these packs, and get new items that could be used in Multiplayer and Warzone. All purchased funds are collected by Call of Duty and then forwarded to non-profit organizations that are helping veterans find high-quality jobs.

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