Two days ago, I wrote about the Call of Duty: Warzone hackers issue. According to our recent report, Console players are now leaving cross-platform because they claim that there are PC players hacking.

The game’s Subreddit is filled with aimbots, teleports, and wall hacks videos. In order to avoid getting matched up against hackers, Console players have switched off cross play from their settings.

Well, Infinity Ward has been very strict lately. They first banned 50,00 players in 20 days, and a new tweet confirms that more than 70,000 players have been banned. The ban waves keep going, however, this new addition will make you much happier.

Call of Duty Warzone

Hackers vs Hackers

The newly implemented changes will force all hackers to match up against each other. In a tweet by Infinity Ward, the game company announced that all cheaters, whenever they que for a match will face other cheaters.

This means that their matchmaking will become separate and they won’t be allowed to disturb fair players. Similarly, there are more new security measures that includes a confirmation message.

Whenever, someone reports a player for hacking or abusing. Afterwards, if he is banned, the reporter will get a in-game confirmation message that he is banned. Infinity Ward is also planning to add Report a player functionality, that will be added to Killcam and spectate modes.

Call of Duty Warzone


Very good initiative by Infinity Ward after the recent protest against hackers on the game’s forum. The hacker vs hacker thing has been used a lot in the previous game, and it has always turned out to be funny and successful.

The main issue of why there are so many hackers on Warzone is because the game is free. Similarly, many users report that Infinity Ward is not banning premium players, who purchased the Modern Warfare game. This allows hackers to increase in both games.