Infinity Ward is having tremendous success with Call of Duty Warzone. however, they are facing a lot of criticism for their actions. Today, they have made another announcement that could potentially make Warzone fans angry once again.

Duo Option

Infinity Ward after a lot of requests has added the Duos option, but only to Plunder game mode. Players wanted it on Battle Royale, and they added it on Plunder, so let’s see how this ends up. The difference between two modes is that Plunder is more versatile, and gives you full respawn options. While Battle Royale is a bit more realistic.

The Trio Mess

Call of Duty Warzone fans were unhappy with what Infinity Ward did last 2 weeks. The company first replaced the highly popular Trio option, without highlighting it. Afterward, they added it back when COD Warzone fans criticized the company on its Subreddit.

Infinity Ward tweeted that the trio option will be back. It got back and Warzone fans made a post, that had 10K up votes, appreciating Infinity Ward for considering their feedback.

Then the worst happend

Infinity Ward removed the trio option once more which at this point was a complete disaster. The community often wrote that they are being trolled and stuff. Well, Infinity Ward took its time and added it back yesterday, but it is still amusing why they will do such stuff.

Released in March, Call of Duty Warzone had 15 million players in three days, and then it advanced to 30 million. A few weeks ago, Infinity Ward reported that the game now has 50 million players. Similarly, the game has also banned 50,000 cheaters in just 20 days.

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