Call of Duty Warzone has been leading the Battle Royale race from the past few weeks since it was released in March. The game has definitely made a name for itself in this populated Battle Royale game category.

Call of Duty Warzone player base surpassed 15 million on March 15, just 3 days after release. A week and a day later, we heard that it has COD Warzone playerbase has now surpassed 30 million, which was a remarkable achievement. The game was then compared to other free Battle Royale games like Apex Legends & Fortnite. It was ahead of it, but the new stats are quite similar.

In a recent report, Warzone now has more than 50 million players since it was released. This is a pretty significant number, considering it was only 31 days ago we first heard about this awesome game. Furthermore, it’ll be pretty fair to compare it with other Battle Royale games now.

Call of Duty: Warzone
In comparison to Apex Legends, which is another free Battle Royale game.
Call of Duty Warzone was only 3 days late. In a report by Respawn in March 2019, the Apex Legends took only 28 days to reach 50 million. Well, no major difference in my opinion. Both games are pretty cool, but what matters is how long can they sustain such playerbase.

We have seen a lot of Battle Royale games like DayZ or ARMA, breaking records and then unable to keep up with expectations. Call of Duty Warzone is certainly doing its best to keep the game enjoyable. Last week, we heard that they have banned 50,000 cheaters

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