Last week, Infinity Ward added the season 3 update for Call of Duty Warzone that featured excellent additions. However, Activision removed the trio option and replaced it with Squad. This upset a lot of people because most fans preferred three-person in squad mode.

Call of Duty Warzone

After a lot of criticism on the game’s subreddit and forums, Infinity Ward brought back the trio option in squad mode on Tuesday. The game company was highly appreciated on its subreddit, for listening to players.

Removed once again

Well, I don’t know what’s up with Infinity Ward, but they have removed the trio option once again. A post on Call of Duty Warzone subreddit which has now 8.8K upvotes with 1.1K comments criticizing Infinity Ward for trolling them. The majority of the players on subreddit are upset about why it was removed.

“Trios is the best way to play with 2 of my friends as it’s hard to get a 4th player we can talk with. So basically they’ve removed our only way of enjoying the game. Sidelined until they update the playlists again.”

“I have no words for how dumb their decisions are.
Seriously, there’s no way they don’t do this on purpose to send a fu** you to their costumers for some unknown reason.I’m sure it’s not dev faults but some idiot with a higher role that doesn’t care about the community.”


Players are unhappy, and most of them beleive that Infinity Ward do not listen to the community. Similarly, a lot of the players also said that they are killing their own game by making such stupid decisions.

In my opinion, Infinity Ward must have considered the player base on both modes. Perhaps, they also looked forward to less trio preferred players filling servers and must have caused a disturbance. In either way, they should get this fixed, as the community is really upset about their weird decision.

Released in March, Call of Duty Warzone had 15 million players in three days, and then it advanced to 30 million. A few weeks ago, Infinity Ward reported that the game now has 50 million players. Similarly, the game has also banned 50,000 cheaters in just 20 days.

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