Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been one of the best horror games of this generation. Initially launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. Capcom’s masterpiece and critically adored re-imagining of the Resident Evil series is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.

However, with the good news, there’s some bad news as well. Capcom is naming the switch port as “Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version.” The game will stream directly from Capcom’s online servers onto the Nintendo switch’s hardware.

The game implementation method is very similar to other video game streaming services like PS Now, this means that you will need a very strong and stable internet connection to play the game at a reasonable quality on the switch.

But look on the brighter side, it might be still amazing to enjoy the game on the switch for those of us whose bandwidth can manage the data, in this era most of the consumers have a solid internet connection in their residence, So I don’t see any problems here, except… The cloud version of Resident Evil 7 is only releasing in Japan, for now, arriving this Thursday¬†and would be priced at 2,000 JPY ($18), which will enable the users to rent the game for 180 days.

However, the good news is that the game will come with all previously released DLC for the game, including the Not a Hero and End of Zoe story expansions. So if the cloud version gets released for the rest of the regions we can hopefully expect the complete experience for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, Capcom has made no mention of releasing the Switch version outside anywhere except Japan, but I wouldn’t be surprised, given how much money the game has made since its January 2017 launch. Until that day, however, the game gets scarier and scarier whenever you play it and the PC edition of the game was perfect.

We’ll see how much potential will the cloud version included and we’ll be updating this article.

Stay tuned!