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Fortnite will host a full Christopher Nolan film inside the game

Recently, a Christopher Nolan Tenet was teased in Fortnite. This was an indication to an upcoming event or something from Christopher Nolan....

Spider-Man might be free on PlayStation Plus next week

The game standard edition was listed on PlayStation Store Completely free. This might be an indication that the game will be available on PlayStation Plus June.

Ghost of Tsushima’s combat will be fatal and challenging, Sucker Punch

Revealed very recently, Ghost of Tsushima has taken the internet by storm. The game which ran at 4K on PS4 captured the...

CD Projekt is now the most valuable gaming company in Europe

CD Projekt Red, particularly known for Witcher Games and upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is now the most valuable game company in Europe.

Nvidia replicated Pac-Man through AI on its 40th Anniversary

The GameGan was showed more than 50,000 footages of Pac-Man, and he read its settings, visuals, and gameplay.