MMORPGs follow a life cycle. First, it will slowly gain a huge and solid player base by churning out a steady stream of quality content until it reaches its “golden age”. It will then stay at that...
In Path of Exile, a new league means new items, and some leagues even give players a new way to create items. The current league caters to the latter. Grinding Gear Games couldn’t have been clearer about...

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PS5 Event Officially Confirmed For Thursday, June 4

We previously reported that PS5 event will either happen on June 3 or June 4. The leak has turned out to be...

Spider-Man might be free on PlayStation Plus next week

The game standard edition was listed on PlayStation Store Completely free. This might be an indication that the game will be available on PlayStation Plus June.

PS5 Event is reportedly happening next week

The most popular gaming reporter and journalist Jason Schreier report that Sony is planning the PS5 Conference next week. Jason who wrote...

PS5 Games will be for PS5, not PS4. Confirms Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan said that he wants developers to take advantage of newer hardware.

Minecraft Dungeons Gets its first DLC and Cross-Platform Event

Minecraft Dungeons is getting its first DLC. There isn't just one DLC, but two. The first one called Jungle Awakens is set...