Sony delays Uncharted, Morbius, Ghostbusters due to COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 is all over the world, and it has delayed almost everything. From Football to Games, everything is either suspended or delayed. We recently heard about E3 being suspended for the first time in almost 20 years.

Unreal Engine 5 Next Gen Demo on PlayStation 5

Unreal Engine 5, PS5
Well, it is been a long time since Unreal Engine 4 was released. The older Engine has now been around for a long time and its time for upgrades. Unreal Engine 5 has been in development for a while now, and it'll...

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Discord Is Moving Away From Gaming Only to Much Wider Audience

“This is just the beginning of Discord’s journey to be a place for all of your communities to talk and build relationships,” Citron said.

Maxime Beland Told to Resign From Ubisoft, Following Sexual Allegations

Ubisoft who started a proper investigation against all individuals, accused of sexual misconduct has brought another person to resign. This time, it'll...

Breaking Bad’s Guss Fring is making his way to Far Cry...

Do You remember Breaking Bad's Guss Fring? The Don who had a huge influence on the show. Well, it seems that the...

Popular CS:GO Player fer has been banned from Twitch over Racism.

Popular CS:GO Star and ESports Player, Fernando "Fer" Alvarenga has been banned once again from Twitch. Fer was previously banned for racism...

Hyper Scape is official, Ubisoft’s new Battle Royale Shooting Game

Hyper Scape, which has been on the headlines from the past few weeks is now official. The rumored ESports oriented Battle Royale...