CD Projekt Red, particularly known for Witcher Games and upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is now the most valuable game company in Europe. In a report by Bloomberg, CD Projekt Red Market Capitalisation reached $6.8 billion in December 2019. The company has a return of 21,000% comparing their past decade. This was the high rise of any stock since the Stoxx Europe 600 Index.

Now CD Projekt Red Market Capitalisation has reached $8.13 billion, and now they are ahead of biggest European Company Ubisoft. Note that these stats are from European Countries. Rockstar, FIFA, EA, Nintendo, and Activision Blizzard all have a market value of 20 Billion+.

We have also seen CD Projekt Red giving away a lot of money. Recently on March 27, they gave away $1 million to Coronavirus Relief. Moreover, the Witcher franchise which is their main interest point had seen a 554% increase in sales. People might think that this happened due to COVID-19 Lockdown.

Well no, this happened around the start of 2020, when The Witcher Netflix Series was booming and caught everyone’s attention. Moreover, 500,000 New Witcher Books were also starting to be printed, because the demand had increased significantly. The games have seen a lot of playerbase increase, ever since the Netflix Witcher was released.

CD Projekt Red is confident that Cyberpunk 2077 will release on September 17, 2020.

In an interview, the game company’s president Adam Kici?ski said that employees are working remotely, and no disruptions have happened ever since.

“Since mid-March we have been working from home, while ensuring continuity of all our of operations,” Kicinski said.

“Our goals haven’t changed; first and foremost, we intend to release Cyberpunk 2077 in September. We feel motivated and have the necessary tools at our disposal to meet this goal.

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