Non-Health Related Companies making a contribution
We have seen everyone doing something that can help others in this Coronavirus Crisis. A few weeks ago, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn announced that they will start making COVID-19 Protection masks to ensure their worker’s health.

Afterward, Xiaomi & Oppo also debuted their masks. China’s mega-giant E-Commerce site Alibaba was so generous that it sent tons of supplies to Europe. The company’s founder & successful Entrepreneur Jack Ma also donated millions to coronavirus protection organizations.

Similarly, today CD Projekt Red announced that they have donated $1 million to Coronavirus relief. This huge sum will go to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which is helping raise money to provide equipment for local health departments.

CD Projekt Red

“We do not know how to buy medical equipment, masks or overalls, which is why we decided to work with professionals with many years of experience,” reads the CD Projekt Red Facebook profile.

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“Today, we donated PLN 4 million to fight coronavirus – half of this amount as CD PROJEKT S.A., and the other half privately. The private part was financed by the main shareholders and the management board of CD PROJEKT,” the company stated.

Yesterday Riot also stepped up and donated 4 million to Coronavirus Relief in Las Vegas. Razer also promised to manufacture 1 million N95 Masks, that will be given completely free. You can read about companies that are contributing to relief in the following articles.

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