The Asus Lyra Voice was announced in CES 2019 recently, and it looks like the previous version of Lyra Voice, but this version has wireless mesh networking and many more features. The Asus Lyra Voice is a speaker which comes with a built-in Wifi by which you can connect it to Alexa. The Wifi has three modes which lets you enhance your Wifi signals and overall gives you a lot of freedom.

Morever, The design is sleek and straightforward, and if you have the previous version of Asus Lyra Voice, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because they look alike. However, Asus announced that the Asus Lyra Voice uses Asus AiMesh technology which means that it can be connected to other AiMesh products and it will result in increasing the distance from which your Wifi can be connected with.

The Asus Lyra Voice will be available in the markets at the end of January, and it will cost somewhere around $220.

Source: CNET

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