On March 6, we hard that Craig Mazin will be the creator of The Last of Us TV Series. Craig Mazin also directed five-part mini-series Chernobyl, which was featured by HBO. The show was an instant success, and its story documenting the disaster of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant was worked very well.

The Last of Us

It seems that apart from Craig Mazin, there is one more person from Chernobyl joining The Last of Us HBO Series. In a new report, Johan Renck, who directed all episodes of Chernobyl is also going to make his way for the Last of Us Series. According to the report by Discussing Film. Johan Renck will be directing the pilot.

” I will be directing at least the pilot. Then we’ll see how it goes on further.”

Moreover, Johan Renck said that he won’t so be able to contribute so much for The Last of Us Series like he did for Chernobyl. Similarly, Renck also said that he has been in talks with Craig and Niel Druckmann, on how they can create a Series Based on a game. According to him, dealing with a game character is different than a real person

“So with the The Last of Us, this is something that we’re discussing. We’re having weekly calls, Craig and I and also Neil [Druckmann] who created the game, about various approaches and how to deal with that. How to deal with the fact that a video game character is way further than a character from a book. But also it’s more different to deal with than a real person.”

Naughty Dog with its excellent game can make a worthy series like The Witcher Netflix. These series can be very important, as we have seen that after the series, Witcher Games sales increased significantly.

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