Gaming addiction is an issue all over the world. Many parents have found ways to stop their children from playing video games all day. Now, we have the news that the Chinese Government has implemented some rules that will control video game addiction. The Rules are very clear and beneficial.

According to the new rules:

  • Gamers under 18 are banned from Online Games between 10pm and 8am.
  • Minors are only allowed to play 90minutes a day, 3 hours on weekends and public holidays.
  • Minors cannot spend more than 200 Yuan ($29) a month on Online Games.
  • Kids between the age of 16 and 18 can spend up to 400 Yuan ($57) on Online Games
  • To Avoid kids Evading the rules, everyone will have to fill their real identities before logging in

Additionally, the Chinese Government was very concerned about this issue. Last year, Xi Jinping talked about video games’ contribution to myopia in Chinese Children. Afterward, he said that it has been pressurizing officials to control the industry. At the present time, new rules are implemented to solve the problem. The Chinese officials described the addiction as “harming the physical and mental health of minors”.

Chinese Gaming industry generates a lot of money to companies. The gaming population In China is insane. According to Xinhua, a news channel that the new measures are “guided” by Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping is General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. The News channel suggested that his views originate from his thoughts on Socialism.

Apart from the current rules, Chinese officials said that in the near future, violent games, sexually explicit and gambling sort of games will be banned.

Many people on Chinese gaming forums discussed ways of evading the rules. Some suggested that using Parents Identity will allow them to go through. Chinese Officials are aware of the issue, and a spokesman said “We will also gradually improve and enrich the functions of an identification system to share gaming time data across platforms, so we can know and restrict the total time every minor spends on gaming across platforms,”

China is one the most powerful countries in the World. They seemingly have no limitation, so I don’t think anyone will be able to bypass the rules. Furthermore, we’ll see how these new rules will affect major companies. Previously, Blizzard sided with China, when Pro player Blitzchung said “Liberate Hong-Kong” on Live Tournament Stream. Major Companies are trying to invest in Chinese Population, however this sort of news might change their decision.

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