A new game is being launched on steam by Iceberg Interactive on 11th June, 2020!

Circle Empires Rivals Faces the Forces of Nature in New DLC on June 11th!

About Circle Empires Rivals: Forces of Nature
Ancient beings have awoken to lay claim to our circles once more! From the depths come monsters befriended by the crafty merfolk. From the forests come the elves and their woodland allies. Searching for ways to optimize their warfare, these opposing forces harness magics of old – taming beasts to do their bidding, and building structures that will instantly transform the land.

Now that power rests within you! Play as two new leaders and control their unique factions. Recruit special units – a wide array of elves, beasts, and tree creatures – even some ferocious fire units! Use their mysterious magic to transform circles into your desired biome. Water circle? Child’s play. Lush forests? Easy peasy. Acid pits that deal damage to everything in the circle? You got it!

Platform: Windows PC
Genre: Real-time Strategy Game
Developer: Luminous
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Date: April 15th 2020
SRP: $14.99 / €12.49 / £11.39

Circle Empires: Rivals is the multiplayer sequel to the original award-winning real-time
strategy game enjoyed by more than 300,000 players worldwide! Fast-paced action and
hundreds of different units combined with a procedurally-generated world of circles to make
every session exciting and unique. You’ll have to devise new strategies and clever tactics to
defeat your enemies, harvest resources and increase your power – alone or online with

“It’s amazing to have watched the project evolve from a free demo into the single-player

experience, and now at last, into a multiplayer one as well!”

-The Luminous team

? Fast-paced RTS
? Play alone or with friends in a variety of (online) game modes, including multiplayer
? The world is made of circles, each with different loot and enemies
? Hundreds of different creatures, buildings and harvestable resources
? Units gain XP and level up
? Six game modes including: Roguelike, King Hunt and Stop the Army
? 10 new biomes with different bonuses and mechanics
? 25+ different faction leaders and 40 huntable boss monsters
? Procedurally generated worlds containing unique flora and fauna
? Huge range of difficulty options for any skill level

We are eager to test out this game and will integrate the gameplay videos with this article to help you make your buying decisions!

So far, as for the game price goes, it is for $6.99 in Pakistan region and around $13.49 in US region!

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