When we think about the highest selling mobile phone brands with a high amount of good will, guess which brand comes ahead of the curve? Oh yes! Apple it is! But alarmingly, in the last quarter, the sale of iPhones actually dropped from 77.3 million units to 62 million iPhone units as compared to the sales in the same period last year. Despite the fact that the global quarterly sales were down of the Cupertino-based company but the overall install base of iPhone increased from 185 million units to 189 million units as per the September quarter. There are no longer any official figures for the sales of iPhone units as the company has halted sharing unit sales for its products.

A report by the research firm, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), did its crunching with the figures and taking into account Apple’s iPhone revenues as well as the estimated average selling price (ASP) of iPhone, the firm derived iPhone unit sales number. The ASP calculated by CIRP for the quarter ending December 2018 was $839. The firm also noted that the increase in global install base of iPhone marked from 2% from the September quarter to 14% from the December 2017 quarter. For the United States, the install base hike was 5% over the quarter of September and over the same period last year, it was 19%.

The partner and Co-founder of CIRP, Josh Lowitz stated that:

“As Apple itself indicated, iPhone revenues declined relative to last year, driven primarily by reduced demand in overseas markets. US sales remain relatively stable, which shows up in slight growth in the US installed base”

In its quarterly earnings report, Apple revealed earlier that now, it has a tremendous global iPhone install base of 900 million iPhones. But the company also unveiled that it is facing a decline revenue-wise of up to 15% year-on-year to 51.9 billion, but nonetheless, there has been an increase in its services revenue to $10.8 billion.