Club Penguin Online, which is a replica of the old Club Penguin that was developed by Disney has been taken down. A Copyright Act (DMCA) was issued by The Walt Disney Company last week. This was mainly done because a London man that played Club Penguin Online was arrested for child pornography. BBC first investigated this and found out that Club Penguin Online, which was advertised as a game for children, was not safe.

The game was not being monitored by the staff, and racial remarks, pornography, and toxicity were all over the place. The London man arrested was regularly involved in Child Pornography through Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Online will be taken down after May due to copyright claim

Club Penguin online which had a playerbase of over 8 million will no longer be running after May 2020. The game developers updated their fans.

“If anyone does try to revive the game, it’ll be extremely difficult now as you’ll have to worry about Disney, and in all honestly, it isn’t worth it,” the admin wrote.

According to Disney, “Child safety is a top priority for the Walt Disney Company and we are appalled by the allegations of criminal activity and abhorrent behaviour on this unauthorised website that is illegally using the Club Penguin brand and characters for its own purposes.”

 “We continue to enforce our rights against this, and other, unauthorised uses of the Club Penguin game”

Club Penguin used to be one of the most popular Internet games after 8 Ball Pool. The game slowly died after Disney purchased it in 2007. Afterward, they completely closed it in January 2017. A year later, they introduced the Club Penguin Island, which also became a flop. Fans complained that it lacked features. Club Penguin Island was also closed a year later.

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