Colorful was established in 1995. Colorful group(Hereinafter referred to as CFG)  was located in Shenzhen China. With 21 years of hard effort, CFG completed the three stages strategic transformation: Computer components agents, completed industrial chain enterprise and capital market integration industry, group.

CFG offers Graphics Cards, Motherboards, chassis, ATX power supplies, Mini PC, industrial control computer, Hi-fi players, and related products. CFG won an uncontested position by keeping their focus on strict quality standards and key technologies. Annual sales of Graphics Card from COLORFUL hit TOP1 in the market for fourteen-years. Currently, for every 4-pieces GPU purchased, you can find 1-piece COLORFUL GPU. For better services in different areas, CFG established Germany and the Korea branches.

Colorful has a wide range of SSDs. The SL300 SATA 3.0 comes in 4 variations having different storage sizes, starting from 60gb, 120gb, 128gb, and 160gb. Today, we will have a look at Colorful’s SL300 120gb SATA 3.0 SSD. This SSD has SATA 3.0 6gb/s interface with backward compatibility with SATA 3.0 3gb/s. SL300 uses SMI controller so we should expect a good performance by this drive. This SSD offers 400mb/s+ write speed and 500mb/s+ read speed. If you want to experience the super fast speeds of the SSDs but want to stay budget friendly then the SL300 might just be a good choice.

Main Features:

  • Write speed: 400mb/s+
  • Read speed: 500mb/s+
  • Controller: SMI
  • Interface: SATA 3.0
  • Volume: 120GB

Unboxing and Closer Look:

The SSD comes in a standard cardboard packing having gray and white colors. The drive is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. We have a branding on the top-left corner that says Colorful on the front side. The salient features are given on the bottom side. The rear side of the packaging has the model name(SL300) and the storage size(120GB) printed at the top. It says Colorful solid state drive just below with a strip of different colors that seems to underline it. Salient features are highlighted in the mid. Compatibility SATA 6gb/s with backward compatibility SATA 3gb/s is under the strip of different colors. The serial sticker is pasted on the bottom right side.

The Colorful SL300 120GB has a size of 2.5 inches. The drive has 7mm height which makes it very compact and suitable for PCs and notebooks. The SL300 is a perfect way to boost up the performance. SL300’s write speed is 400mb/s+ and read speed is 500mb/s+, removing any bottlenecks. This SSD has a SATA 3.0 6gb/s interface with a backward compatibility of SATA 3.0 3gb/s. As SL300 is only 7mm high, its perfect for any laptop or even an ultrabook upgrade. The SL300 has 4 variations having 4 different storage sizes starting from 60gbs, 120gbs, 128gbs, and 160gbs. The SL300 comes with a 3-year warranty. SL300 could be one of the most reliable choices for SSD.

Let’s have a look at the drive itself. Chassis of the drive has a nice black matte finish having the brand’s name at top-right corner saying Colorful. On the backside, there is a white warranty sticker pasted to cover the screw that is needed to open the drive. There is a white sticker in the center of the drive. The sticker has the brand’s name on top-left saying Colorful having model name just under it, SL300. Following with Flash type which is 3D NAND having storage size just under it, which is 120GB. The drive has a 15-pin power port and a 7-pin information signal port on it. There are only warranty statement and a handy information guide included in the box and no accessories.

Colorful SL300

SL300 uses an SMI 2258xt controller which is budget friendly but a good choice for an SSD.

The drive is capable of up to 550mb/s read and 450mb/s write according to the ATTO disk benchmark. Up to 550mb/s read and 430mb/s write speeds, according to Crystal disk mark.

Performance and Testing:

Now we’ll talk about most anticipated and the most fun part of the review.

The drive was tested on our default bench, Complete specifications of our test bench are as follows:

  • Ryzen 1700
  • Asus Crosshair VI
  • Gskill Trident Z 3200mhz DDR4
  • Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVME Drive [OS Drive]

Let’s have a look at the results.

The most basic and the most efficient test for the starter is the Crystal Disk Mark benchmark test. It resulted in sequential read speed to be 550mb/s and the sequential write speed to be 429 Mb/s. Read and write speed will vary randomly.

To further investigate the legitimacy of the Crystal Disk Mark software, we ran a similar test based on a different software known as “AS SSD Benchmark”. The sequential read speed is 517.23mb/s and the sequential write speed is 408.93mb/s.


Now, a storage drive test is incomplete with the good’ol ATTO disk benchmark test. During the ATTO disk benchmark, The read speed started to cross 400mb/s from 16kb transfer size. The drive was crossing 500mb/s from 32kb transfer size. Then the read and write performance validated at 550mb/s read and 450mb/s write speeds. 

To further dig into the SSD’s capabilities we ran the “Anvil’s storage utitlity test”. The read speed was validated at 518.09mb/s having a response time of 7.72s. The write speed was validated at 428.45mb/s having a response time of 9.34s. 


We compared the Colorful SL300 128GB with Crucial’s M4 256GB SSD. The results of Colorful’s SL300 was quite astonishing.

colorful sl300



As we can see the SL300 is almost 50% better than the crucial M4 when lage files were processed.

colorful sl300

The SL300 takes the lead in Data copy speed as well, making it the best budget SSD out there.


The SL300 series from colorful are doing their best to bring a budget-friendly but a fast storage device. This was a review on SL300 120gb SSD from Colorful. The drive’s features are as follows, 120GB of storage size, SATA 3.0 6gb/s interface with a backward compatibility of SATA 3.0 3gb/s interface. The drive has a 15-pin power port and 7-pin for information signal port. The drive is only 7mm in height which makes it very compact. The drive is 2.5 inches form factor.

The Colorful SL300 120GB uses a SMI controller which is a budget-friendly controller for SSDs. The chip type is MLC. The data transfer rates are as follows. For Crystal disk mark benchmark test the read speed is 550Mb/s and the write speed is 429 Mb/s. For AS SSD benchmark test, the read speed is 517.23Mb/s and the sequential write speed is 408.93Mb/s. For ATTO disk benchmark test the read speed started to cross 400Mb/s from 16kb transfer size, the drive was crossing 500Mb/s from 3Kb transfer size. Then the read and write performance validated at 550Mb/s read and 450Mb/s. For Anvil’s storage utility test, the read speed was validated at 518.09Mb/s. The write speed was validated at 428.45Mb/s.

The drive is for approximately PKR 5600/- at the time of this review & on Amazon only 240GB is available while 120GB is out of stock. To be honest, its really hard to find another drive having this good performance at this price. Colorful also offers a 3-year warranty for their SL300 series of SSDs. Which goes to show that the drive will last longer.